I thought about using something like hopscotch or duality but duality sounds stupid and is really too broad. How could I begin to write anything? But it is this dualistic nature of creation in any form that so interests me. Robert Pirsig contends that it is Quality that underlies all matters of discourse and life in general and I'm not really in a position to back up my statements as well as he is, but this seems like a good place to begin conceptualizing. I'm mainly speaking of the duality between conceptual and aesthetic creation. The duality roots itself so deeply in all things that it could be the foundation, underneath Quality, underneath rhetoric and dialectical, underneath objective and subjective authority, and underneath history and it's epistomology. This is my first post. I'm hoping that I've pigeon holed myself enough to consistently contradict everything I've written thus far, sticking me in and argument resolved only by my own dualistic schizothymic characteristics.