I had to look up passive. I've twice been told that I and most artists write in a passive, nonchalant artsy way by the same mysterious photographer, so I had to look up passive and it's paradigm's (one of the definitions of paradigm means showing a word in all it's different inflections). I know, of course, what passive means, but I thought this photographer was just being ironic, because the act of writing to me, served as a negation of the act of being passive. I thought it was part of the artist label, sitting passively taking notes in your head for the masterpiece. Rimbaud's only ticket to this savage side show. I laughed because I found it funny. He even wrote "Logical Fallacy" somewhere along one of the margins of some ridiculous children of the revolution farce we were participating in, so I really thought this guy had the whole ironic thing going. I didn't really think much about it, but now it's been repeated so there must be some sort of real reason that word passive keeps coming up. I can't take offense nor can I feel complimented because I'm really not sure of all of the meanings of passive. I know this photographer is rather savy with words (He beat God in scrabble swear to...well I believe him anyway).

The first thing it says in my dictionary after the pronounciations is "see Passion" So I looked up passion. The first thing passion says is "see Patient". Patient says "see Pathos". I liked where this was going.
Pathos- The quality or character of those emotions, traits, or experiences which are personal, and therefore restricted, transitory feelings as distinguished from those which are universal. This is exactly in line with the Chaos theory idea. The results are non-linear, traversing that boundary of universally accepted scientific predictability. Go with this one.
Pathos is the root word of pathetic (Oh man, No don't go with this one) which is one of those words that has taken on a derogatory meaning but who's definition is nothing of the sort, like stereotype. To be pathetic is to affect tender emotions, or an expression of anger. There's a kind of P circle that starts with Painter--> to Passive--> to Passion--> to Patient--> to Pathos--> to Pathetic--and then back to Pathos. I guess its more of a loop but it ends with Pathos.

So what did that mean. Passive. Passive- 1. not active but acted upon. Without emotion or excitement.

That couldn't have been the inflection that was meant. Although I could see myself grouped into that category of thinkers not doers. I have plans to take over the world and write books that dissappear while you read them but I haven't acted on them. If this was the meaning it's terribly introspective and should receive my nonemotional nonexcited gratitude and respect.

Passive-2. (Chemistry) Inactive; inert. Not showing strong affinity; as red phosphorus is compartivley passive.

This would be rather poetic and quite wonderful. It wouldn't be a very positive thing to say about a writer but it would be wonderfully conceptual. The visual of this red phosphorus comparatively passive poet, alone in a orangish candle lit room, pencil in hand paper on desk, laboring over that first word. A relationship by blood (affinity) that is not very strong to these words that lay inert inside the mind. I'll buy it. If I were you mister photo, I'd go with this one. It's a way of saying your amazingly talented bordering on profoundly not inclined to writing.

Passive-(Medical) a deficient vitality and lack of reaction in the affected tissues.
We're taking a turn for the worse now. The effect of the material produces hardly any reaction whatsoever. This could be interpretted as a laugh response. If I say your passive and you laugh it show that there is hardly any reaction whatsoever toward the elusive adjective of passive, resulting in a nervous reaction, an easying over of uncomfortability at your lack of etymology. If I had only had a dictionary with me. Damn you word wizards.

Following these are a long list of words begining with passive. Passive congestion, passive iron, Passive movement, Passive obedience. Only one of them caught my attention, but I had no real emotion towards it.

Passive voice- A form of verb, which expresses the effect of the action of some agent; as in Latin, decour, I am taught; in English, she is loved; the picture is admired by all; he is assailed by slander.

I really like the play on decour, I am taught, she is loved. It's the most difficult defintion to apply to the label Passive writer. Perhaps I should leave this one to you.