I can't tell you how many times I've been corrected about this, and frankly I don't care. I still don't believe that there is a such word. I mean there is a such word but it just doesn't mean anything.

If I tell everyone who reads this to send me a word at random, (I'd have 2 words) I can guarantee you that no one or maybe I should say neither of you would be able to do it. It seems to me that random means that it can not be predicted. However if you sent me a word there would be a 1 out of approx. 615,000 chances that the word you send would be predicted. It can't be truly random, rather there is a very low chance that the word could be predicted. But low probability does not mean random. The dictionary definition says at random or by chance. 1.Unpredictable 2.Assorted; undistinguished.

So next time you say, "I just said that totally randomly," think again and instead say, "I just said that in a way that would be very hard to predict but surely not truly random."