I'll Erase This in Three Weeks

There are certain instances that remind us we are. Those times when you become that thing that only happens to other people. I'm still deciding whether I like or dislike these times. Your mother dies, you jam your pinky toe on the doorway, you crash you car into a damn tree on a damn icy driveway, you get caught speeding, your girlfriend falls in love with someone else, you cut yourself shaving and so on.

It's just important to make notice of these times. They may be the only thing that keeps us from completely traversing the boundary of sanity. With one foot hovering three inches above the the Venus Fly trap of madness. Locura Lectura, Madness, Reading.

You look at yourself in the mirror and say in your head, "I'm saying that, right now, thats me, MY pinky toe hurts, thats me thinking that, I just moved my eyes, it must be hard to dance when it's so cold and there's no music playing." It only lasts about five or six seconds before you go on living like your someone else, your own doppelganger, imitating the moves that you think look appropraite to your height and hair color. Before you busy yourself with rewrapping the thread around the spool you yourself unconsciously let unravel. I still can't decide whether I like them or not. I'd rather not think about it too much.