Let Me Pull Your Sleeve a Minute About Oh, The Organization

If you haven't read Oh, The Organization, then this won't make much sense, but I encourage you take the necessary steps.

Well, so far it's great! Here I am wondering what they're gonna do with all this money. How's it gonna go, what will they make for Jeff in Memorium, what if that dude loses it all in his pillow case, when can I see the million dollar changes they've made to the yard? And have I thought about someone dying yet. Nope not once. If someone said to you, "Push this button and tomorrow you will have a story to write, but somone will die when you push the button," would you do it? Am I this shallow? Thanks for mentioning Hardy Boys. It helped me stop mentioning it in my head. I was immediatley able to put those memories away.

Adam shows a gift for foreshadowing, even to set up great punchlines like,"If I give you a million dollars will you promise to never pick up a paint brush again?" Hilarious in context but I won't ruin it for you non-readers.

And Adam's comments on your blogs, his occasional rant leaving you thirsting for more, well thats really him. He's the same character in the book. You hope he's not just watching. You hope he's taking notes for the next novelnino.

I began to wonder if I was only taking interest because I have met three of the characters (Played basketball with Benji, Jason Lee spent three or four nights with me and my wife in NC listening to songs, drinking forties and talking art and Jesus- Had I known about the clown thing I wouldn't have mentioned it but we suspected as much, and Adam. He got stuck in a tree one time and the Fire department had to come and help him down. He said he was just taking notes, but we knew better). But I decided that wasn't the case. I've known a lot of people that write crappy stuff that I chose not to read even if it's about people I know intimately. I mean it's really good. Straight forward. Easy to follow and lot's to think about... ie. Howard Zinn's First Thanksgiving, Ammo from heaven and original words plays like dis-eased. I might ask to borrow that. There are nice conceptual infrastructures that could be developed into equally thought provoking paintings.

Unfortunately I have to go to sleep because I am now employed and need to lie in bed until four in the morning so that I can eventually fall asleep and wake up hours before I've met my sleeping quota. I haven't finished reading the Organization but I will first thing tomorrow.

Just one more thing. I tell everyone to read Cortazar because he's an amazing writer, but Adam, YOU MUST READ CORTAZAR. Hopscotch is the masterpiece. It can be read two different ways, front to back or an alternation of extra chapters that have been added, jumping all around the book and producing profound results. It will keep you up for nights on end. I hate it when people say I must do something so let me rephrase. Cortazar is cool. More soon.