No MoveOn, but boobies...they're OK

I guess I found it a little bit funny. For the past couple of months MoveOn.org has been running a contest to come up with a commercial that explains or brings light to the truth about the Bush administration. The winning commercial was to be played at halftime of the Superbowl, the superbowl of commercial airtime if you will.

Well, MoveOn picked their winner (Child's pay) a humorously serious commercial where children are portrayed working in factories, emptying garbage cans into garbage trucks and serving cafeteria food, illustrating how the debt will eventually have to be payed off. CBS, of course, refused to air the commercial. "In a time of war we must stand by our president," kind of thing. Well MoveOn passed around petitions and gave out CBS comment line phone numbers so that people could show their disapproval of CBS's disapproval. CNN ended up airing the commercial during half time, to a much smaller audience.

The punchline. During the halftime show, I saw boobies. Yes, Justin Timberlake ripped off Janet Jackson's costume in what was deemed a "Costume malfunction." Thats pretty funny in and of itself. I'm really not trying to be a leftist or and activist or anything label-able (good word, isn't Alan? I thought you'd admire the palindrome similarities, or aspirations if you will). It's just funny. No commercials that point out promblematic political policies (alliteration too, Mariah on fiyah), but men tearing clothes off of women in a sexual plee, that''ll be alright. Our kids won't have to pay off the national debt...Boobies. It worked. I was completely distracted. Phew! I was starting to get nervous. Every time I think of the national debt and the election and the possibilty of Mr. Bush being re-elected I begin wondering how we're going to get him out of office and how we're going to remedy this Iraq mess and who is best equipped to take over the white hou...Boobies. Ahhh. All better.