The orginama what? Oh, The Organization...cool

I planned on responding to The Pickle's, Adam Robinson, in regards to an online museum. This however was disrupted when I found he had linked a part of his on going work (Novel, novella, novenino, navratilova?) "Oh, The Organization," on his site. This is urgent. I must read it in it's entirety. This may run into my blogging time, (who's really keeping track anyway) but so goes the life of a (note to self: replace parentheses with something cool later).

For those of you with short attention spans, check out his reviews of movies you might want to check out, more because of his review than the merits of the movie.

I haven't figured out how to put links in my paragraphs yet, so for now, just click on Adam's pickled news or Combed reviews in the sidebar. I'll tell you what I think of "Oh, The Organization" in my next post, and I'll respond to the request for master's degrees, and I'll do something cool. I 'm gonna do something cool. I am cool. That might have been it.