Aren't we missing the point? What kind of shoes did Jesus wear? What kind of a tree did the Buddha really sit under? Isn't this what ruins religion? The real rules, God's real chosen people, the acutal ten commandments, Moses' age, the length of Samson's hair, the leaf that covered Eve's breast that fell from Buddha's tree.

It always baffles me that we are so ready to talk about abortion and homosexuality and other controversial subjects before we have dealt with ourselves. Shouldn't we have had that existential moment that changes our lives, that makes us act differently to the world before we deal with these topics?

The things that come to my head are amazing because I am enlightened. Can you see how this is doesn't make any sense. You negate your following sentence. No one who is enlightened tells the world that they are enlightened. People only preach things that are in question. No one is screaming their head off about the sun rising tomorrow because it's not doubted. It's a given. Do we gain respect by commenting on superfluous topics? I think Mel Gibson is wrong. I think Mel Gibson is right. I am enlightened.