A Dialogue (aside) with Inner Monlogue

A: "You're a painter? So am I!"
B: " Oh Yeah? What kind of painting do you do?"
B:(aside) Let me guess...
A: "Well, I mostly do abstract. Just, you know pushing the paint around. I really love shapes and color and contrasting them together. I've always been really interested in art. I haven't painted anything in a while though, but I'm looking for a chance to really get back into it. I've been studying shapes a lot lately, like in shadows and stuff... Juxtaposing them. I usually have a sketch book with me where ever I go, but I haven't lately."
B:(aside during A's insignificant ramble) Surprise, surprise. Ok. I have a decision to make. I WANT to tell you that you HAVEN"T been doing abstract. Please tell me you've seen more than one of Piet Mondrian's paintings. Please tell me you know that Gerhard Richter didn't just start scraping paint because he was totally into "art." Please tell me that you understand that abstract doesn't mean "I can't actually draw, and whatever I try to do I'll just call abstract so that the person looking at my "art" will think I have a profound understanding of art." I should tell you that abstraction is a type of nirvana that only happens after years of meditation and study. But my decision fulcrums here. You have an energy for art that I shouldn't turn off. I should encourage your interest. I have a feeling that you are not planning on asking me what kind of paintings I do.
B: "Sounds interesting. I'd love to see your paintings some time."
A: "Yeah, I mean I havent really, I mean I have a couple of..."
B: (aside) I'll save you...in a minute or two. I get a kick out of this.
A: "like things I've started and stuff, but I havent really had the time to really get into them, you know, really push the paint arou...
B: "So who are some of your influences?"
A: "Ohh Picasso...Ahh Van Gogh, Monet..."
B: (aside)Fuck those damn impressionists!
B: "Oh I love them! But I like Georges Braque more than Picasso. Picasso kind of pop-ized cubism, you know?"
awkward pause.
A: "Yeah. But he was a genius though! I'm just trying to put the world down..."
B: (aside)the way I see it
A: "...the way I really see it."
B: (aside)close enough
A: " So, what kind of painting do you do?"
B: (aside)Well I'll be..
B: "Well the last painting I did, was about the war in Iraq. In the Bible, there's this quote where God is dealing with Jonah. He says, 'But Nineveh has more than one hundred and twenty thousand people who do not know there left hand from there right...Should I not be concerned about that great city. I drew a map of Nineveh, which today is Mosul Iraq and in the painting I switched my left and right hand..."
A: "A friend of mine is doing these photgraphs of silhouettes in sepia. You should check them out. I think you'd really like them. I think he has a show coming up at Cafe' ____. You should have a show. I'm sure you could sell your paintings for a lot of money."
B: "I can't say I'm too interested in selling my paintings. I'd rather just give them to people for specific reasons like Felix Gonzalez Torres' portraits."
A: "He gets like $250 bucks per photo. You should check them out. I think you'd really like them."
B: (aside) I should have been a ______. I hate being an artist.
B: "Yeah. I'll have to check it out. Don't ever talk to me again."
B: (Take care...Wait a minute...Shit.)
B: (aside) I make a lot of enemies this way. It's something I need to work on.