Function of Painting

I know that people have good intentions when they tell me that I should sell my paintings, and it doesn't bother me when they tell me so. In fact they may not mean it, that may just be the best way they know how to compliment a painter, or to be cordial. So I have to figure out a cordial way to ask them about the function of painting.

"Well, you got to pay the bills." I know but if that's what my paintings are making you think than they are failing miserably. They're about benevolence, consideration, unlearning. I'd rather paint your house for cash and give you a painting because I felt you needed one. I understand how marketability plays an important role in artwork, I suppose, I don't care. So maybe I'll end up painting houses for the rest of my life, and making paintings when I go home. I'll send you my ear in an envelope. Maybe he did that because he felt that he was earmarked into being an artist, so he sliced his ear like a sheep's. And maybe he ate his paints because he wanted to paint what was on the inside. I'll need to borrow money for postage.