Lost in Translation

Scarlett. Oh dear lord. Scarlett. She's unreal.

I first have to address the casting. Scarlett Johansson is ruining Clare Daines' career. She's getting all of Clare's roles and the only reaction anyone has to it is, "Who's Clare?" It's alright because if this movie starred Clare Daines and Steve Martin (two actors I really love) it would have been a flop. Bill Murray's face, his jestures, his line delivery, it's just perfect. He's really wonderful in this movie and should have won the award for best actor last night. And Scralett. Oh Scarlett. Everytime she comes to the screen this sound comes out of my mouth like ugghmmm.

Things I appreciated about the movie.
-The lack of dialect, especially in scenes like the mirrored elevator. We've all had this quasi, or as Adam Robinson would say, "meta" meditation in an elevator. Stuck by ourselves starring at ourselves in the mirror, outside of our bathrooms reflecting on being, on taking the stairs, on maybe never leaving this elevator or moving another body part for the rest of our lives.
-It astonishes me that this movie is more artistic than the Girl with the Pearl Earring. It's visually perfect, l not to discredit the amazing recreations in Girl With the Pearl Earring, I just found this movie more artistic. For a definition of Art see Jared's House.
-There are a couple of rather beautiful scenes that I thought were well written. Scarlett speaks of not knowing really what her calling is (she has a philosophy degree from Yale in the movie). She says she went through a writing stage, but she felt it was just a stage kinda like thinking horses are cool.
Another part, Bill Murray explains how having children ends your life. But then they learn to walk and talk and they end up becoming the most fascinating people you have ever met. It's written and delivered in a way so perfect I intentionaly recreate it badly. To attempt to para-phrase, or meta-phrase, would be unfair.

All in all, it's a fantastic movie and Scarlett Johansson has a crush on me, not you.