Untitled is a Title and No Style Becomes Your Style

I like the way Derrida pronounces Legi-Timacy.

I didn't get into Skowehegan. They received 1400 applications for approximately 35 spots.

Cornell is accepting ONE student into their Graduate program this year. I'll find out if that opening is for me this week.

I made a note about a dog giving another dog a portion of it's food in the margin of Force of Law but now, I can't remember why.

Destruction is a necessary part of creation. It's what Cain was to Abel.

It's especially weird to pick my font. My individuality has 96 options.

I'll probably do it again, at another time, with better words and less pictures.

If you're looking to advertise, you're free to do it here.

I think I'd get into school if my name were Augusto Rao Bastos, or Cap'n Pete.

Might want to feel for these things, let them send themselves shined up, stamp and all.