UWC: A Little Jack

Just a couple of quick notes on Force of Law.

Firstly, it's just not right (or just or whatever the case may be). You really should read all of the related material and then some before you can appropriately respond to this essay. Shit, it took Derrida two and a half pages to explain the title that he didn't even choose for his speech. I'm not prefacing my forthcoming response with an insecurity of it's quality, rather I'm calling on Adam Kotsko to have a damn good response. Not because he's studying it in class but because I and many others are not and it is his duty to the UWC to share the wealth of knowledge he is learning in class with the aforementioned University.

On another note:
"Respect for contextual, academico-institutional, discursive specificaties, and mistrust for analogies and hasty transpositions, for confused homogenization, seem to me to be the first imperative in the current state of things."

I contend that the first imperative might actually just be big words.