So, I admit it too. I haven't finished the damn thing. I read the assignment the night before the post is due so that it will be fresh in my head. You can not read Force of Law the night before. Generally I'm enjoying it. I'm fond of his oratory style. If you have ever read anything that Gerhard Richter has written or said it's very similiar. Well founded, direct, thorough or at least the illusion of it. Would it be fair to say, "Hey Cap'n, how come you spent 86 hours redesigning your blog when you could have been finishing the damn thing." Well maybe that's why I can't be the Provost or the Bursar. The Art Dept. runs differently. I apologize genuinely for my lack of posting. I yearn to write a substantial post on anything but it just hasn't been coming. I will not assume full responsibility for this inadequacy. I'm blaming it soley on Kevin Baker. I've been reading this damn Dreamland now for about a month. This is a very long time for me to be laboring over a stupid book. It's like Adam Robinson says. The pages of good books seem to disappear from your right hand and grow in your left while the pages of OK books lie stagnate in your right hand rotting in their own mediocrity. Well this book isn't bad enough to put down and start something else, but it's not good enough to pick up. This promotes mediocre posts. Damn ye Kevin Baker. In a matter of days, I will have the privilege of reading Men of Maize. This book is sure to change my life, as well as my posts.
My prediction:
1. Readers will be thirsting for those old days of mediocrity.
2. Cap'n Pete will be sailing full steam towards Coney Island, in pursuit of prose that sets compasses.