Can you smell, what the Nader is cooking?

I would have less reservations about George W. Bush if politics were more like the Jerry Springer show. I mean if you want to pass the Patriot Act on me, well it's really no problem as long as Howard Dean can pound your face for a couple of minutes on national television. Want to back us out of the Kyoto Protocol as soon as you get into office, go for it. Meet my friend John the Snake Edwards and his tag team partner Dennis the Dragon Steamboat Kucinich. I know that violence is not the answer and it would only breed more violence but just for a couple of minutes, let Al Sharpton unbutton his sleeves for a minute and work on a little theraputic Bush ass whoppin to help him sleep at night.

I know Nader would probably watch but I just couldn't see him in the ring with Bush. Nader would eliminate Bush in an open dialogue but in the Springer politics arena, I think Bush would probably beat Nader into the same kind of pulp paper is made from. That would be especially embarrassing to Nader. I can see Bush being a little scared of the others but I'm sure as soon as they said, "G.W., today you have to fight Ralph Nader," he'd say, and I'm sure you can say it with me, "Bring him on."