Pictures of my Pictures.

Well, the photo's are terrible quality but their on-line at least. I put my video camera on them to feed them into my computer because I do not have a digital camera yet. I then use the Apple+shift+4 mode to take pictures of whatever is on the screen in this case my paintings from the video camera into iMovie. From there I drag them into Adobe Photoshop 7 where I'm sure I could do a whole lot more to them but for now I change the contrast and the brightness and convert the from pdf. to jpeg. where the can be easily uploaded from my desktop to Flickr.com. For some reason I can not upload them to my blog...yet. It keeps telling me I need Flash six or higher and I have Flash 7. I don't understand. But I'm getting closer. We just agreed today to fix a digital camera a friend gave us for $280 bucks. It's a sweet camera though. So for all of you "artists" out there that I have dealt with sternly, now's your chance. Let me have it Jared. The paintings can be found here.