I just realized that 90% of the people who come to Coney Island to visit Cap'n Pete can't see anything but a green wall with some links to the side of it. I loved my blog when viewed in Safari. There is a Cy Twombly painting in the background of my title and some drawing I found on a Google image search behind my posts and it all just looked so cool. Then I viewed it through Internet Explorer. What a "catastrophic success!" It looks like crap. Lines everywhere and side bars floating anywhere but left. Does any one know how to have an image in the background through internet explore. The
background: url('image goes in here') tag just doesn't work in Explorer.
Plus I have to switch to tables because my sidebar and main column won't line up flush. I can only imagine what this train wreck looks like on a PC. It really sucks because I just learned a whole bunch of crap on Photoshop 7 that I can implement perfectly through Safari which about 3% of the blog population uses. I will continue to whistle the solo whistle from Patience until I figure this out. I don't want to start all over...