Odyssey Sucks!

I got beef with some of you. Well, indirectly.

I am an avid NPR listener. I wake up with Morning Edition which I usually only catch the end of. Then World Cafe, which is the only radio program I've ever heard play a Tom Waits song. After that it's Democracy Now, with Amy Goodman, which is always fantastic. After a while Odyssey from Chicago Public Radio comes on. This is where all of you Mid-westerners come in.

I've been telling people to tune in to this show just to hear how dumb it is (maybe I should spell it dum). A recent topic was the Road and our relationship to it. They actually have scholars who come on this show and discuss the road. But even the scholars seem dum-founded when they realize what they've been duped into. The guests are always saying to the moderator, "Umm, I'm not really sure what you’re getting at." I think the show seems worse because Talk of the Nation is on right after it and the king of all moderators, Neal Conan, hosts it. Yes, the moderator sucks but the topics...I can hardly blame the poor girl. What I should do is take whatever tomorrows question is and post it at the formerly alive University Without Condition. I think a better conversation could ensue there. Anyway, I'm just surprised. It seemed like you Midwest bloggers had some good things happening out there, which I'm sure you do, but this Odyssey thing needs to be stopped. I'm wondering if you're forced to listen to it out there.