On My Fellow Bloggers

I just want to state for the records that I really miss posts by Adam Robinson and Jared Sinclair. Every freaking day I click onto my Blog and check out the lack of comments. I click the comments labeled "0" just to see if it hasn't updated yet. Then I click over to Adam Kotsko's sight and read everything there. I appreciate the effort that Kotsko puts into his posts. He constantly comes up with interesting topics to post on. Posts by Monica and Robinstein have helped The Weblog attain some form of desperately needed prose.

I used to click over to The Pickle right off the bat, because his posts are always written with writing in mind and I freaking love that. He has the ability to tell a story with an eye on literature at all times. You read his posts with your attention tuned high. Nabokov does the same thing. He forces your eye to hunt for his intent, which hides between double "ll's" and tall "TT's." I tried to tell Adam about Corta'zar's ability to do the same thing but he wasn't feeling it. Don't hate me playa hate the game. I can respect that, but if the Brother's K is bad he's gonna get it. I'm telling you Adam, Corta'zar is "tricks."

Then I usually click over to A House Falling In The Sea. I do this the same way you approach the Christmas tree in late November. You absolutely know that there won't be anything under it, but on that occasion that there is something, your mind begins to twist, as you gestate over the possibilities. I get the impression that Jared is a really great person. I feel that he always speaks honestly from how he feels, using his knowledge to genuinely help others. He has written about the problems of beginning. It seems that he spends a good lot of his time in deep thought. I wish that I knew him personally. When he finally begins to create, to really create, I truly believe that great things will come from him.

Other notables. I enjoy reading BreyLog a bunch as well as Pete Lit. I usually check The Philosophy Groupie and News to Use at the same time. I kinda confuse the two of them because their introduction happened at the same time. I check into The Sliver periodically, but I think there's a new writer there that sounds like a college friend or something. I haven't taken the time to figure out whats happening there but I should. I also check into Bianca's blog every so often. She started writing a couple of months ago and I think she has already surpassed my word total, so Kudos for that. Any crap, I wish Jared and Adam would get back into it. I miss 'em.