The Pickle (My Sister Sight) has a nice wrap up of how we suck. I thought the Starbuck's in every Starbuck's bathroom part was a stroke of genius. Here's a silent soundbite...
"It's a full time job, not sucking. Just this morning I had a latte and pounded out the crossword. In fact, for people like us, we must suck--only briefly and on rare occasions can we escape that fate.

The best we can do is be aware of it. Maybe if we always note how bad we are, how deeply American we are, we'll be doing a little to undo this mess. After all, none of us would be American if we weren't human first; to Amerr is human. If the poor Swazis had a choice, damn, they'd be Americans too. Who wouldn't want a Starbucks in every Starbucks bathroom?"