people should not. part one.

nothing worse than ugly. ugly worse than ugly. don't do ugly.

people should not have big noses pimples on their necks droopy cheeks over gray gummed teeth fat waves of flesh rippling down their spines. people should not have yellow jagged toenails. wear peach lipstick with matcthing rouge allow their hair to tint blue and wear orthopedic shoes no matter how old they are. nor should older men wear shorts way up high as well as tube socks. this is not sexy. should not lay multicolored shag rugs across their bedrooms under brown colonial pressboard furniture with gold drawer handles. people should not display snow globe and elephant tzchakis all over their houses, nor hang bob ross like landscapes over their rust tweed woven couches. should not store plastic shopping bags inside plastic shopping bags inside their kitchen cabinets while walking over their dirty linoleum floors. people should not have old receipts and paperwork overflowing out of every crevice of available space of their bookshelves. people should not have pineapple or palm tree magnets that say florida on their refridgerators. people should definitely stop throwing fast food wrap out of their moving vehicles. idiots should stop spraying their ugly tags all over every beautiful piece of architecture. people should not kick their dogs or set cats tails on fire put birds in cages hurt majestic horses and elephants and tigers for the sake of entertaining their snotty little children at the circus. people should not care about how their lawn looks so that they spray chemical fertilzers into the earth so that their children develop cancer cells. people who smoke should not flick their filters any damn place they please because they think that it's too small to be litter. no one should cut down a beautiful forest to bulid another plastic stinky shoe payless.