Adam Robinson has composed a letter to his mother concerned with gay marriages. It's a fantastic post that not only opens a dialogue about gay marriage based on the true meaning of faith, but it also has larger applications toward understanding and love. It took me about fifteen minutes to write this. I can't seem to think of words.

I was also wondering if anyone has read any of Steve Martin's books. I heard an interview with Steve on NPR today. He read an excerpt from one of his books and I thought it sounded pretty interesting.

And on the politics tip, I am very happy with the way the Kerry debated last night. No nervous laughs, no eye rolling, no sound bites that are blatantly spin-able. Bush's comments toward him didn't seem to phase him. Almost like a class clown who isn't funny so the kids in the class learn to ignore him, because the failed class clown consistently repeats the same stupid shit. "it's hard work, we're making progress, he changed his mind, it's hard work." Kerry said a bunch of things I hoped he would say, primarily his emphasis on the difference between the war on terror and Iraq. Kerry won the debate and he will win the election but personally, (and I'll have you know I think he was a good pick for Vice President and I generally like the guy) I think Cheney is going to smoke Edwards in the debate Tuesday night. Edwards is a lawyer and I'm hoping it will work to his benefit but Cheney is a brilliantly evil man. It may have the reverse effect. The bully may win the debate but turn voters away because of his demeanor. We will see.