Round Two

I am sad to announce that Frieda did not work out. She contributed three posts. I invited her based on some poetry she had written and her jovial, confrontational, humor. She was dealt with harshly in the comment section, which I tend to believe she had something to do with. She e-mailed me requesting to be taken off of my Contributors section. I asked her if she would return again, someday after the election to write some things that were more poetic in nature. I have a feeling we haven't seen the last of Frieda, she may be lurking around the comment section as we speak.

However, I would like to announce a new addition to Coney Island. Gorss has accepted his blogger invite. As a warning to would be commenters, he is fiercely smart, well read, and exceptionally adept to rational dialog. He'll burn you if you're not careful. He will correct your grammar, correct your facts, stop your point dead in its tracks and then take you out for a beer. He's tough. We are truly honored to have his writing abilities here on Coney Island.

I agreed to have him write here under one condition, that he takes back everything he's written that disagreed with what I said and that he vote for Senator John Kerry in the coming election and that he buy more beer. I'm waiting to hear back from him...