Free at Last

I was listening to Democracy Now on NPR a few days ago and I heard this professor speaking. I heard Amy say his name but my memory does not serve me well enough to try pronouncing it. Spelling it is out of the question. Anyhow he said something to the likes of this...
"I found it fascinating that the Koran became a best seller in the United States after Sept. 11th. People wanted to read the book to find out what was making these people do this. Americans looked to the Koran for answers to these people's actions. What I find interesting is this. I would love to know if the people of Falluja are voraciously reading the Bible to find out what would make the US do what they are doing?"
Of course not. I do not think it is a mystery in any Iraqi's mind why we are killing them. No one is wondering what verse in the Bible would make the US attack Iraq. How unbelievably sad.