Halfway Between Fake and Real

All right, this is a crappy soundbite but it should be good enough to solve some controversy. I can not stop listening to Bright Eyes. This kid Colon just keeps getting better. Here's the deal. They have this song "False Advertising." On the copy I have of this song the lyrics say,
On a string
On a string
On a string
I was held
The way I move, can you tell
My actions are orchestrated from above
And so I swing and I'll sway
Wave my hand, kick my leg
And it's always right with the music
(Til all that swaying starts to make you sick)
For a song, I was bought
Now I lie, when I talk
With a careful eye on the cue cards
Onto a stage, I was pushed
With my sorrow well rehearsed
So give me all your pity and your money now
All of it
(We used to think that sound was something pure)
But if I could act like this was my real life
And not some cage where I've been placed
Then, and you can read this part and listen to it with the audio blogger...
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I told you it was crappy.

Well then I could tell you
The truth like I used to
And not be afraid of sounding fake
Now all anyone's listening for are the mistakes

The music stops and some girl yell's "I'm sorry" and he says, "no, it's ok it's ok." Now judging from the words, this is all just theatre and if the song were performed live, some one would yell in the background, "I'm sorry." They do a good job of making it sound naturally occuring. I think it began as a joke, a kind of revolt or interpretive action to go along with the song but it goes farther than perhaps intended. Why is the lyric fake or any more fake than the rest of the lyrics or any song for that matter? Shouldn't all songs be improvised, shouldn't all paintings be painted over and shouldn't words disappear after they've been read in a move more consistent with our lives?

In all honesty, I was listening to this song a couple of days ago and heard the lyrics say, all anyone's listening for are the mistakes, and then I heard someone yell sorry and I flipped. I thought an accident happened and someone walked into the room and because of this artistic gift of circumstance this was the best song ever, and even now I am debating erasing this post and letting you think that that type of perfection exists in the world and these types of performances do occur. It was fun for the week or so I thought it was a natural occurence. I thought I had evidence of the best production ever and even though I know that this was scripted, I still have hope. If it is fake and I've taken away from the excitement of the possibility of such a wonderful happenstance, I'm sorry, it was a mistake