Where You Stay At?

In my last comment section, Adam of LifeofAdam.com asked me which character from The Brothers K was my favorite. It was a whimsical question but it put me to serious thought. Which character was my favorite? Then I started thinking about my favorite character of all time, in any book I've ever read, ever, through ever the whole time. Then the question became was it my favorite character because I wanted to be like him/her or was it my favorite character because I thought I was like him/her. I don't think I've decided.

In the mean time, (mean is the average, median constitutes the middle value of an ordered set of values, mode is the number which appears the most times) I was wondering which character is your favorite? Rather which character is most like you? This question does not have to be limited to characters that appear only in novels, in novels only, in only novels. It can be a character from a well known television show if need be. Perhaps Sam Malone. Some answers may require little or no explanation. For instance, an answer of Jesus would need little to no explanation while an answer of Humbert Humbert may need a small amount of clarification. If no one replies I will be forced to make up answers for people who do not exist, that have never come to Coney Island. This would be slightly less revealing but no less fun.

The jury's still out...Am I Batman or Ignatius J. Reilly?