Moon Shadudes

My Dad I went golfing a couple of years ago at a course somewhere in New York. We checked in with the Starter who pointed us over to the first hole and told us we'd be playing with two guys who were already standing on the tee box. This is always a little bit nerve racking because you never know whom your going to golf with or what their skill level will be. The fear is that these guys are scratch golfers and your stinking golf game is going to hold them up and frustrate them. It never happens that way but it still manages to give you a little anxiety.

The two gentlemen were just loosening up, taking some practice swings, and checking their bags to make sure all was in order. Vijay Singh (the number 1 golfer in the world right now) is from Fiji. He has a darker complexion. These two gentlemen seemed to have similar complexions. My Dad thought they could be related because the one guy vaguely resembled Vijay. They appeared to have relaxed controlled golf swings. The more athletic looking of the two had on these shoes with really thick soles. They looked like they were made of a really soft rubber/space moon plastic material. They had newer looking clubs and driver covers and nice brand name golf bags. My Dad and I were a little bit nervous. These guys looked really good. I mean really good. I remember whispering to my Dad about the guy’s shoes, wondering if those were the new thing. Some new discovery in golf shoe technology or something. I might have even thought a pair of those would be the answer to my golf game.

Now, I'm not a fanatic about golf etiquette. There are certain things that are just standard. Don't talk or move or do anything when some one else is hitting or putting. It's just considerate. Don't step in someone's path on the putting green. The list goes on but mainly, be considerate.

These two guys we were golfing with… I have never seen anything like it in my life. It actually got funny after a while. They must have lost twenty balls out there. The one guy would be half way through his backswing for his drive and the other dude would yell, YELL over to him, "Dude, you got any tees!?" One time the guy with the moon boots (which ended up just being moon boots) was setting up to drive off of the tee box. He stood still over the ball in a ready to strike pose. While he was meditating on whether or not to hit the ball or the grass this time, his buddy stepped on the gas to the golf cart. The engine revved and my Dad and I exchanged muffled laughs. I said to him quietly, "I wonder why he didn't throw it in reverse." No sooner did I finish my joke, than this guy throws it in reverse releasing the reverse signaling beeeeeeeeeep. The guy moved the cart a good six inches forward and then back. We laughed so. My dad ended up calling him BJ Singh. I ended up thinking I still might look cool in some of them moon boots.

My true ambition for relaying this story was to share with you my day. I went golfing today for the first time this season. I've made some swing changes since last year that proved to be positive. After six holes I was even par. I bogeyed the next two holes. All I needed to do was score double bogey or better to finally, for the first time in my life break 40. I scored a seven triple bogey on nine to score exactly a 40. I also scored a 43 and another 40. An 80 was a fantastic way for me to begin the golf year. My father beat me by one stroke with two 39's but I beat my brother in law twice and tied him once. The stage is set. This is my breakout year.