Better than an Oprah

I just don't get it. Why Oprah? What's the big deal? I don't find her particularly funny or kind or knowledgable or entertaining. I mean, I just don't get it. Why is she so powerful? I've watched the show a handful of times. I can't really remember any of the shows and I don't remember being glued to the television by any of the material. There are so many things that are better than Oprah, I just don't get her popularity is all.

However, Rob Righter whom some of you may have already heard of has finally agreed, after much pushing and prodding, late night negotiating and a little bit of the old duck and swoop, to write a post or two or three here at Coney Island. You may recognize Rob from one of his many accolades. He was voted most promising white rapper in 1986 by a host of his peers who included none other than DJ Jazzy Josh and LL Cool Gorss. He is a reknowned poker shuffler as well as dealer taking time to not only smell the roses but to also excercise his vast knowledge of Temple Breathing (Reeling it in). He is a master storyteller as well as interpretive dancer. We are happy to welcome our new writer, Rob Righter.