What a blurr. It was only two days of class and it was such a blurr.

I think that they should charge Law students $700 for a notebook and all of the art supplies that you need to buy for college should be free. Do you know that I bought a 35ml tube of Cerelean Blue today for $24.99! That tube is about the actual size! I don;t have any guarantee of job security when I leave here.

Anyhow, things are going great. Teachers/classes/other grad students are all really really great. I think good things will happen this year. Hopefully this weekend I will get around to writing a more substantial post with a bunch of pictures. I am currently working on a giant Lady of Guadalupe, a small Guadalupe with a remake of Grunewald's Lamentation of Christ, a painting of a bird that is too fat to fly and a picture of a man on a donkey eating a carrot and holding the stick in front of the donkey. Pictures will follow soon.