You Might As Well Skip This Post.

I find the aesthetics of golf so attractive. Here are my top five aesthetic choices...

Titleist 690MB

I would own these if they weren't so expensive. They are also a little bit less forgiving than my Taylormade 360's. As soon as I am consistently breaking forty, I'd like to buy these.

Mizuno MP37
Pretty similar to the Titleist's.

Wilson Staff forged

I'd like to try hitting these. They are less expensive than the other irons. Most of the irons today have a thick upper line to encourage confidence. I'd rather look down and see a thin little blade that I have to get the ball onto.

Taylormade Rac
These came out a about the same tme my 360's came out but they were more expensive.

I love the tight printing on the Titleist Pro V1. Other balls use a thick font. The Titleist Pro V1 has this minimal small print.

Here are some design choices I really do not care for.

Callaway Fusion

It looks too heavy to even pick up. I hate all of the graphics and writing on the back. It's as superfluous as this post.

Nike Sling Shot
The metal on the back looks like an afterthought. I have to admit though, that I took a couple of swings with these and the clubhead seems to square itself.

Also, I'd like to apologize for this post. I'd just wanted to see what it would look like. I do that a lot. I tend to spend a lot of time previewing what this website would look like with different backgrounds. I just want to see what it might look like. I like to think of it as painting research.