New Blogs

I have a few new blogs that I want to link to. I'll be updating the first one more than the rest. It is simply a place for me to post my artwork.

Joshua Bienko

The next is a site I'll update every month or so. It is a site dedicated to portraits I'll be doing of people throughout the year using a Camera Lucida. A very good friend of mine, Hooper Turner will also be contributing drawings. He is an incredible artist.

Camera Lucida Drawings

The third site is a site I set up a while ago to reunite with my old classmates just before our ten year reunion. I take the old pictures from the yearbook and update them with new pictures people send me. I'm about to post the pictures from the actual ten year reunion.

Caledonia 1996

The last blog is not mine but rather two very good friends of mine, Jen Bandini and Hooper Turner. They both graduated from UGA last year with a Masters in Fine Art. Mj and I knew them from Asheville, NC. Is was great being in their presence for a year. They are both gifted and intelligent artists. I'm going to miss them so much. They have moved to NYC and are documenting the transformation from Grad School Grad to NYC artist at this blog. It is a fascinating read.

Escape to New York