Sunday Preview

Surprise, surprise, Tiger is winning. He knows how to finish and no one can hit the ball as high as he can. His chances look very good.

Guys, I was wrong about...Els and Dimarco. These are two dangerous golfers to have around on the last day of a tournament. Both of them know how to finish. Els looks very solid early. Dimarco looks like he has a fat butt and an ugly swing. He started off a little shaky but he is a competitor. His competitiveness is about the only thing I like about his game. I could see a three or four way tie happening with Els, Woods, Dimarco, and one of these three variables...Sergio and Furyk and maybe Scott, the guys I was right about.

When they’re hot, they are as good if not better than any golfer in the world, but neither of them has been able to finish this year. Scott has an advantage on these par 5's and his putter looks really good this week. Sergio just seems to melt on Sunday and Furyk doesn’t seem to be able to catch a break. He's got the eye of the Tiger on every Sunday, but he is no Tiger. I'm looking for just one of these guys to keep it together and be in it at the end.

And just a side note, Sean O'Hair has finished his round, shooting a -5, 67. Every week his name bubbles up on Sunday. I haven't checked his stats but it seems like he consistently shoots low rounds on Sundays, and he's so young. I should have included him in on the next generation of greats.