From Uga's to Aggies

Well, we are on our way to College Station. I have accepted a position as an Assistant professor at Texas A&M University in the Department of Visualization. I'll begin teaching in the Fall. This is an incredible opportunity to work in a department committed to being at the forefront of Technology (and for that matter Science). It's funny, it seems as though the cycle never ends. Graduating was task one, and getting a job was priority number one. I had 8 time changes in the course of 7 days while I was interviewing. It was trying and by the last interview (a school that had all but assigned me an office) I was basically speaking jumble. I couldn't remember what I had already said, what I said that was good and that I wanted to repeat, and what I said that wanted to make sure that I never repeated. For some reason, when asked what artists I liked, all I could come up with was Joseph Beuys, Matthew Barney and Douglas Gordon. I spend my life looking at Contemporary artists. I even feel that I have a certain capacity for remembering names and work after only one viewing. It just seems like everything you're good at goes out the window during this process.

In any case, I thought that I was done. I graduated (with distinction!) and landed a tenure-track position at a tier one research institution. This means that the 7 course teaching load that UNCA Asheville was offering is cut in half at A&M. Finally, I can sit back and enjoy the benefits of authentically executed hard work...

NOT! Dude, tenure at a big school like this is no joke! My plight for tenure began two days ago when I signed the contract. Within about 7 years, I have to prove that I belong here and that I deserve to stay. Certainly a challenge I am up to, and one I am eager to 'knock out of the park' as they say...
Strange for me to "say knock it out of the park." To be perfectly honest, I was never a very good hitter. I was a good pitcher but unfortunately, for me to say, "I can't wait until I go up for tenure, I'll definitely strike them out" just doesn't seem right. I do my best to be honest, but the whole knock it out of the park thing just plain doesn't fit me. Replacing it with, "I'll totally score a touchdown" sounds hokey, and "I'm sure I'll par tenure if not better" is like WHAT? So knock it out of the park will have to do for now. I suppose I have 5-7 years to think about it...
We're staying in Athens for most of the summer. I'm teaching here at UGA through June and July. As soon as that is done we're off. Leaving this place will really be difficult, but I'm positive that it is a challenge we will go 40/Love on.