I am still alive

I was thinking a couple of weeks ago about how I was going to pull off not posting for weeks during my move. I was rambling through a list of unapologetic excuses, or as I like to call them artistic intuitions, ways I could apply my absence to a sophisticated blog. Instead I just stole On Kawara's work as the set up for my fisrt titled punchline...I am still alive.

Surprisingly, in retrospect, I believe that my elaboration has received a dismal synaptic reaction from myself. I've inwitted my own doppelganger in a move toward public embarrassment and humiliation. I'll have to be more Pacific. Weeks ago, I thought even I would get it...I am still alive, I woke up at 8:36 am, I haven't committed suicide, worry, but I didn't.

The point is, I'm alive. I've relocated to Ithaca NY, known for it's posh pottery pagoda's, and spacey interior leg room. I'm here to physically intimidate Cornell into letting me into their graduate program and to buy some pottery. If anyone else is hoping to be accepted into Cornell's graduate program, let me know and I'll set a burning bag of shit on the designated department's front door on your behalf.

Thank you for your patience.