It's back. And in good time. I went to the Moped place yesterday and asked them how long it would take to order a new one. They said about a week and I went home to see if I could find a less expensive one online. Nothing came of it. Then this morning I get a call from a sheriff in Washington GA ("There's two of us here named Dale Hickerson so you can just call me Bud. We ain't even related!"), an hour south of here. Yikes! Lock your doors and windows kids. Anyway, I picked my moped up from the police station and crossed my fingers that I would make it back home without it being stolen again.

It's missing some stuff, like a running engine and a kickstand, but other than that it's all in one piece. I'm fond of the Duct tape they added and the Corona Extra sticker on the front was an important improvement I hadn't thought of before. They put like 300 some odd miles on it. To tell you the truth, they probably did what I would have liked to do with it. It was probably a fun couple of Corona filled weeks. I have to hand it to the Cops though. To recover some dude's Moped probably wasn't the highest priority on their list, but they did it and it meant a lot to me.

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This is the third installment of the Illusion, Allusion, Elusion series of drawings. I spent a better part of the vacation building an eightfoot circular drawing wall for my next project, a 30 foot drawing of Trajans Column based on Hopscotch, Doolhof and the European game of Goose. I thought I'd include a picture of my studio as well.

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