Fantasy Golf

It's been a while since I blogged regularly, so some things have changed. I started a new blog this weekend. It is by far the best blog I have ever made. It's fantasy golf league. You pick five golfers. Points are determined simply by the amount of money your golfers win. If you have the most money at the end of the segment, then the other fantasy-ers split the cost of a box of your favorite golf balls. We started a new segment this week kicking off the festivities with the US Open.

But this blog is a fantasy dream (is there a such thing as a fantasy dream?)! The leaderboard is updated in real time. I have the projected cut listed, youtube videos of whoever is atop the leaderboard, polling questions like "Will Tiger's knee be a factor?" I find myself, just starring at it. Everyone's picks are posted and you can measure how your matching up with your opponents thanks to the newly introduced feature called "free-time scoring." This refers to the updating of scores whenever I have free time. I even post a picture of the dude in last place to give us puttants (pedants? but replaced with putt? no?) hope. If you'd like to join our league, have your picks to me by Wednesday night next week. All are welcome. Check it out here...

Newman Fantasy Golf



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