"Early Man Goes To Market"

This is my idea. I swear I came up with this while I was an undergrad. I have drawings of them in my sketchbooks. I wanted to go into galleries and hang fake artwork or hang my name and date and name of the piece of work next to things that already existed. For instance, next to the Fire Extinguisher it would read...

"Fire Extinguisher"
Joshua Bienko 2005
Mixed Media
On loan from the Antistrophe Gallery
Somehow this Banksy dude has nabbed my idea and made it his. He's done it quite well I might add. It's worth checking out his website. It’s in the same line as ®™ (pronounced ArtMark) and The Yes Men. I'd still like to pursue doing something like this. I think its awesome.



For Rob and Gorss

The first page of a google search entitled "Father of Existentialism."