What a blurr. It was only two days of class and it was such a blurr.

I think that they should charge Law students $700 for a notebook and all of the art supplies that you need to buy for college should be free. Do you know that I bought a 35ml tube of Cerelean Blue today for $24.99! That tube is about the actual size! I don;t have any guarantee of job security when I leave here.

Anyhow, things are going great. Teachers/classes/other grad students are all really really great. I think good things will happen this year. Hopefully this weekend I will get around to writing a more substantial post with a bunch of pictures. I am currently working on a giant Lady of Guadalupe, a small Guadalupe with a remake of Grunewald's Lamentation of Christ, a painting of a bird that is too fat to fly and a picture of a man on a donkey eating a carrot and holding the stick in front of the donkey. Pictures will follow soon.




We're in Athens. The apartment is painted, my studio walls and floor are painted and we are on the better half of being unpacked. It's hot here and the VW as decided to stop kicking out AC. This is unfortunate. I'm close to being able to write again. So far things are good. More soon.