Here she blows. A brand new putter just in time for winter. 7 months of torture. I went with the right handed Odyssey DFX Two-Ball.



Fair and Phallused

What parent wouldn't buy this book for their child? I want my child to behave just like Bill O'Reilly. Click on the video clip on the right.



Free at Last

I was listening to Democracy Now on NPR a few days ago and I heard this professor speaking. I heard Amy say his name but my memory does not serve me well enough to try pronouncing it. Spelling it is out of the question. Anyhow he said something to the likes of this...
"I found it fascinating that the Koran became a best seller in the United States after Sept. 11th. People wanted to read the book to find out what was making these people do this. Americans looked to the Koran for answers to these people's actions. What I find interesting is this. I would love to know if the people of Falluja are voraciously reading the Bible to find out what would make the US do what they are doing?"
Of course not. I do not think it is a mystery in any Iraqi's mind why we are killing them. No one is wondering what verse in the Bible would make the US attack Iraq. How unbelievably sad.


Steady Diet of Fugazi

At present, I am busier than a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest. But I don't want to lose my coveted position as guest writer here at Coney Island, so I guess I better post something. My occasional series on science and technology will resume in due course.

The other night, I had an uncontrollable urge to listen to Fugazi, so I popped in the only album I own. (Not the only album I own; the only Fugazi album I own.) I barely made it through two songs before my wife made me "turn that noise off," but it reminded me of why I bought the album in the first place--its title: "Steady Diet of Nothing." I had never listened to Fugazi when I stumbled upon that album, although I was aware of the band. I thought, "How can an album with that title not be good?" I was right.

(Gratuitous digression: When we were D.C. residents, we actually lived in the rowhouse where the Fugazi guys used to live and practice. My wife lived in the house with some friends before we got married, then we moved into the basement apartment where they held their practice sessions. Our landlord told us how they used to cover the walls with mattresses and have crazy parties. We considered having a Fugazi tribute party of our own, but then I actually played my CD for everyone and they decided to have a Shakespeare reading instead. I don't really run with the Fugazi crowd.)

Anyway, I still think this is the best album title around. I'd like to hear some other nominations from our multitudinous readership.