Catching Up.

I think a painting of Toulouse Lautrec kicking Van Gogh in the shins would be so funny.

I am listening to M. Ward a lot lately. He's good. I have to listen to this Greg Brown guy Gorss keeps telling me about.

I have been applying to graduate schools for three years now. I have a refrigerator filled with rejection letters and a slightly bruised ego to say the least. This year, man I don't know. It's all different.

I have been accepted to the University of Georgia. The head of the Art department (his name happens to be "Art") has written me saying he'll know this week if there is a TA position available for me. I have two friends that are enrolled in the UGA MFA program right now and my main draw to UGA is these two people. I know how far we'd push each other and I know that it would be for positive gain, not just for the sake of pushing each other. This school is my first choice...however I have been accepted to the University of Buffalo, been offered a TA and been awarded a full tuition scholarship. It's a tough balance. All of that financial stuff would be great but I know that UGA would be better for my work. Not to mention that my wife is due in three weeks now and we will have no money whatsoever.

Then yesterday, Savannah School of Art and Design called me and said, "You've been accepted and we have also decided to award you with the Artistic Honors Fellowship."

What the heck? I'm three for three this year after going zero for five the past two years.

I apologize for not writing here for a while and for not commenting on ya'lls sites. I've been distracted lately. I'll feel less busy once I know where we are moving. If anyone has any connection to the University of Georgia, hook a brother up with some pull!