I Like It! & Had Been Had

Cool image.

Oh and if you ever sell your car and you get a strange e-mail about how you should consider your car sold because some "client is going to send you a cashiers check for $15,000 and you will refund the remainder of the money via Western Union," it's a scam. MaryJo and I were completely prepared to sell our car until we got two seperate e-mails about a guy who is buying the car for his client while his client is out of the country and he is sending us a check for $15,000 dollars and will arrange an agent to come and pick up the car. I will admit that until we received the second letter, we had been had. I can't say I really understand how but, as a public service announcement, this is a junk e-mail scam. I copied a part of the letter and did a google search on it and sure enough, others had been had as well.