So on the 14th of April I was all, "which school am I going to go to?" UB needed to know where I was going by the 15th and UGA would know if they could offer me a tuition waiver and an assistantship on the15th. Then on the 15th UGA calls and says, “Can you buy us another day,” so I call UB and say, "Hey UB, can I have another day?" They say sure but we're awesome. I talked to the chair of the department.

The 15th was a weekend so on the 16th we talked and planned and hoped but decided that if we didn't hear anything by mid-day we would just tell UB I accepted and be done with it. Then on the 17th my wife went into labor. On the 18th late in the day I hadn't heard from UGA so I called UB and said, "Hey UB, I accept. Can I fax you my acceptance letter tomorrow, we just had a baby?" They're said, "Yes. Congratulations."

So on the 19th I leave the baby for the first time, (a little tough) to fax UB my acceptance letter. I faxed the letter, which came to $1.08. I told her I had 8 cents in the car. She said, "Hey kid, don't worry about it." But I just had a baby so I'm feeling all hero and stuff and I can't go around having that 8 cents weighing on my mind all day so I grab the 8 cents. In fact I turned the scales on her and gave her an entire dime. And you thought those Lance Armstrong bracelets were generous especially when someone is wearing TWO of them. I put the dime on the counter and left. My phone rings as soon as I get out the door.

It's UGA.
I was given the tuition waiver.
I was also given the assistantship.
They're ranked 20th in the nation and 3rd in the nation for printmaking.
I shrugged my shoulders and laughed.

Then today, my artistic mentor if you will, e-mails me. He says, "Hey Josh, congratulations, and call UGA right now and rectify the situation. YOU ARE GOING TO U.G.A.!

What was I to do? I've e-mailed UGA and said, "Hey UGA, is it too late?" I haven't heard back from them yet. I want to tell them both chill out. There's plenty of Fez for both of them. That's right. My final decision is to accept both offers. I'll show them. Hey UGA and UB, you don't pull on a dog’s ear unless you want to get bit, got it! I figure this maxim should cause enough confusion to buy me a couple more days...



Harper J. Bienko

Now we have the full story with some more pictures.



It's a Boy!

I hope I'm not contravening any codes of blogging ethics, but I want to use my long-dormant powers as guest blogger to announce some wonderful news: Cap'n Pete is now the proud father of a mini Pete. I'm sure he will recount all of the harrowing details later, when he finds a moment between diaper changes to sit down at the computer (good luck with all of that).

Please join me in congratulating Pete and his newly expanded family. And if you're of the praying persuasion, please also join me in thanking the Good Lord for this glorious gift.