He's Famous

Senor Kotsko of the Weblog posted this little ditty about my boy and the comments made me burst a button or two. Having a child is so strange. It doesn't necessarily feel all that different. I feel compelled to tell people that I was married to my wife for a full year before we had a baby. I think it's mostly my hair that makes me feel that people will assume I am irresponsible. I don't know if telling them I was married for a year really helps me look all that responsible any way.



Freedom Fries

Jared Sinclair and I are working on a project together. So far, it will consist of a number of drawings of objects named "Freedom (whatever the object is)." I bought projector paper but the the images from my computer do not stay on the paper. It was 15 bucks. The paper that is printer ready is like 60 bucks. Eph that. Click onto the link to add some input to Jared's comment section. I think this could be a very interesting installation.