How to be an artist.

Want to be an artist? I'd like to propose a 14 Day Clinic that I will be overseeing from Coney Island. I have 14 days of activities that anyone interested can do. The important thing is that we coordinate so that we are doing them together at the same time across the nation. Are blogs building a community? Go to The Weblog and discuss it. For now decide if you'd like to try being an artist. I think you'll find the tasks fairly easy and extremely rewarding whether done properly or improperly, just so long as they're done.

In 1966 George Maciunas designed a poster for Yoko Ono's show a "DO-IT YOURSELF FLUXFEST." I wish I could find a digital image of the poster but I can't. It details fourteen days of do-it yourself art activities. I'll be changing a couple of the ones listed but for the most part they will stay the same. If you'd be interested in becoming an artist and going through the fourteen-day trial I will personally, upon completion, send you a photcopy of the poster as well as a photocopy of one of my drawings, which I will subsequently, destroy. I would encourage you to do the same for all participants. Please comment regarding your interest in this project.

I believe the work would take on certain significance. The on-line documentation of such a project could prove to be entirely interesting. I'd love to hear feedback on each project and comparisons of each failure or success. Here are the fourteen activities.
A certain time each day could be allotted for each activity so that their action would take place simultaneously.

DAY ONE. Breathe.
DAY TWO. Breathe.
DAY FOUR. Go to a coffee shop. Walk in the door. Count to 14 silently. Watch. Leave.
DAY FIVE. Go to the nearest source of water. Turn it on or if it is on watch it. Do this for as long as you like.
DAY SIX. Cut a hole in a piece of paper and watch the sky. Send the paper to a friend or family member without an explanation.
DAY SEVEN. Find an object and take ALL of it's measurements. Invent new measurements for it like it's comfort level or it's highest possible level of agitation, or it's poetic ness.
DAY EIGHT. Wear something that isn't usually considered clothing.
DAY NINE. Begin as many small talk conversations as you can. Look for nametags on grocery store employees and gas attendants. Make them laugh.
DAY TEN. (this is my personal favorite)How to make the city float. Carry a stone in your hand or pocket. Go on carrying it until you forget about it. Everytime your forget about it add another stone. Do this until they become heavier than the city.
DAY ELEVEN. Lean your head against the wall until you have an idea or until the wall collapses. This is contingent upon your own definition of an idea. Be sure that you are satisfied.
DAY TWELVE. Face the opposite direction when you pee.
DAY THIRTEEN. Sharpen a pencil. Scribble until there is no lead. Start over.
DAY FOURTEEN. Stand on a history book and give a one hour unprepared speech. (this is by far the most difficult of the tasks)