Bob Dylan, Sam Malone and Me

I just found this old news article from a 2001 Buffalo paper titled, "There's No Business Like Snow Business." It says this...

Meanwhile, on Virginia Place, the storm left two different impressions at neighboring restaurants.

At Fat Bob's, bartender Josh Bienko was still smiling away as he worked at 2:30 Tuesday morning.

"We're slamming in here," he said with a Bob Dylan song playing in the background.

Food had run out sometime around 10:30 p.m. on Monday, but the drinks were flowing for the dozen or so customers remaining. The bar was feeling the effects of the storm. It was out of Southern Comfort, Black Velvet and Dos Equus beer.

"You know last Monday night, we took in $104 for the entire evening and tonight, I had one tab alone that was $345," Bienko said. "It was that busy."

I can't see why you'd want to but the article is posted here. It's weird. That was almost six years ago. I've never read that article before.

I'll have pictures of what I'm working on over the summer shortly. I'm drawing portraits of an entire sorority for an installation I'm working on with Euni Figi.